• Re: Loud Buzzing Noise Under Acceleration 21 Jun 2012, 20:22 Could that be what my little rasp / grating noise is when accelerating, sounds metallic ish, but does not start for about 2 miles or so, does not happen when clutch in and only for about a send as I accel or decel...
  • Jul 17, 2014 · The reason for buzzing in the first place is that basically there is a tiny fan blade at the end of the sensor module to drawer air in to be sampled, but that also attacts dust over time, which sticks to the blades and also gets to the fan spindle.
  • Volant Cold Air Intakes in stock now! Available for a variety of vehicle applications. Volant offers multiple filter options and configurations. Air box design limits in cab sound often created by air intake systems while delivering a cooler air charge to increase engine efficiency and output.
  • I have a 92 Honda Accord that has a loud buzzing noise coming out from under the driver's side dash. It just started this morning after it rained last night and the windows were down. It starts as soon you turn the key to on and stays on after it starts. The noise STOPS if you use the turn signals or hazard lights.
  • I was test driving an EX-L today and noticed a buzz from the shifter area of the dash under hard acceleration. I was just curious if this was just an unfortunate annoyance in the specific tester I was driving, or if any of you 2017 owners have experienced something similar. Again, only under hard acceleration, not at cruise or idle.
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  • After 20 years, my 4Runner started getting a few cracks in the dash. This cover fit the dashboard just right. It was easy to put on but it would have been nice if it came with a little more of the Velcro but so far it is holding fast.
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Sep 06, 2011 · so i figured i would post this if anyone else has had a similar noise, for a while i was getting very annoyed of this weird buzzing ticking noise coming from under my dash.. it got very loud, then i thought, hey that kind of sounds like the fuel injectors when they are running, so looked around wiggled the fuel lines and sure enough both lines were sitting against a pinch weld where the fire ...

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Also, when all the doors are closed (closed all the way), their is a buzzing noise coming from under the dash. To the best of my knowledge, my truck doesn't have factory keyless/alarm. With key on and with the key not in the ignition at all, both cause the buzz sound and keep the dome lights on.

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