• Karen Gillan Reportedly Eyed For Live-Action Mara Jade Role. ... Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Cyberpunk 2077 Developer. ... Dominion Poster References Jurassic Park. March 12, 2020. Read More.
  • HBO to the Max: As in maximum amount of new content. On another busy Thursday for the new HBO Max streamer, highlights include the documentary Class Action Park, which explores the wild history of ...
  • Aug 21, 2020 · Action Park was the stuff of legend even before it shut down for its unbelievably dangerous attractions and laissez-faire attitudes about things like regulations, safety protocols, and keeping patrons alive while on premises. Now HBO Max presents Class Action Park, "the first-ever feature-length documentary to explore the legend, legacy, and truth behind a place that long ago entered the realm ...
  • Jul 08, 2020 · Class Action Park — a documentary about a famously perilous New Jersey water park -- will land on HBO Max in August, likely with some gnarly concrete burns and maybe a mild concussion.
  • Nov 25, 2016 · FREE Preview: HBO, Starz, Showtime & Cinemax on DirecTV Sponsored Links I don’t have cable (I’m a cord cutting millennial punk kid) so I don’t know how to test this but it looks like you can get the free premium channels HBO, Starz, Showtime which are full of great movies and TV shows for free this weekend until 11/27 if you have AT&T ...
  • Aug 19, 2020 · HBO Max dropped the trailer for “Class Action Park” Wednesday, a documentary that takes a deep dive into New Jersey’s Action Park, which is “widely regarded as the world’s most dangerous ...
  • Trump class actions to provide payments to consumers who purchased a Trump University Live Event from 2007 to May 23, 2010. The settlement also covers the New York Attorney General ("NYAG") action, which will provide payments to consumers who purchased a Live Event on or after May 24, 2010, and other non-class members
  • Aug 31, 2020 · Action Park wasn’t as dangerous as the documentaries make it out to be. that said the pool where the cliff diving was was actually the most dangerous thing there because you could be swimming in it and someone jumping from 3 stories up would be crashing into the water and could hit you

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Consumer Action maintains this listing of notable class actions so that interested consumers can learn more, join a pending action or make a claim. You can sort the listing three ways—actions or settlements that are (1) open to claims, (2) pending or (3) closed—or use the calendar to search for upcoming claims deadlines.
Sep 15, 2020 · HBO Max’s ‘Class Action Park’ Glosses over Tragic Deaths In late August, HBO Max released a documentary detailing the most dangerous amusement park in American history: Action Park. Located in Vernon, New Jersey and opened in 1978, Action Park was the product of the likely cocaine-addled Gene Mulvihill whose idea of a good time was make ...

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Johnny Knoxville’s film Action Point was a semi-fictitious tribute to the world’s most dangerous amusement park. Seth Porges and Chris Charles Scott’s documentary takes us inside the true story of New Jersey’s thrilling, but terrifying Action Park, and the many crimes and misdemeanors that took place during its existence.