• 1. Put together two same-sized foam wreaths with hot glue. The hot glue will eat into the foam a bit, but it will create a bond that is covered up with fabric. 2. Once together, set your wreaths on one of plastic sheets and draw the inside of the wreath onto the sheet with your marker that is the same color as your fabric. 3.
  • The entire Gun Mitten is made with a ribber and knit circular; actually pretty easy if you have done socks the double bed/circular method. With a worsted weight yarn my gauge was 4 st to 1" and 6 rows to the 1" - My Brother bulky was set at T2.75 for the 1x1 ribbing and 4.75 for the Gun Mitten.
  • This addon was brought to you by E6000 Non-flammable, paintable, industrial-strength adhesive... ₑ₆₀₀₀ A while back I saw a JANGBRiCKS video of him reviewing (well rather ranting) a ceramic lego head mug, in the video he compared an upscaled lego mug to...
  • Apr 09, 2001 · With the waistband attached to the top of the pants, it's now time to attach the elastic. I'm using 1-1/4" elastic. I have a 50 yd bolt of this stuff so you can guess that nearly all of my finished waistbands are 1-1/4" wide.
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  • Dogs love Christmas too! Countdown to Christmas for your pup with this Puppy Treat Tree Advent Calendar! Christmas tree-shaped Advent calendar with 25 pockets (not the traditional 24). Fill each pocket with your dog's favorite SMALL dog biscuit. Begin the treats on December 1st, and continue right up to Christmas day.
  • Shop online at Best Buy in your country and language of choice. Best Buy provides online shopping in a number of countries and languages.
  • Aug 28, 2013 · Anders als in Schweden ist es in Deutschland üblich, die Kette mit Hilfe eines Reedekamms aufzuziehen. Da ich nun einen größeren Webstuhl habe und meine erste Kette für die Baumtücher die gesamte Webbreite einnehmen wird, reichte mein alter 1 m langer Kircher-Reedekamm nicht aus.

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What else can I say about Butterick B5005, which is sadly OOP?I've sewn it 5 times now, including for myself.
Jul 05, 2014 · I use E6000 to glue the plates together and after it’s cured I run a good sized bead of the GE silicone around edges between the plates. It can be tricky getting the caulk into narrow spaces but prevents glue failure due to exposure to the elements. I too had my first attempts fall apart and made many repairs.

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Aug 22, 2017 · We kinda breezed in and out of this one. Our fabric bags were heavy and we were ready to sit, eat and talk. Well talk more!!! I don't even have a good impression of this store, which is sad, but it is another local resource so that's a good thing. The great thing about neighborhood fabric shopping is that the restaurant was one block down the ...
Air Plants | Tillandsia for home decor and resale. We offer hundreds of air plant species, containers, terrariums, driftwood and a large wholesale selection!

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I have been married for over 42 years to Stan. No children. We have 1 Chihuahua, Christopher Robin, and 3 cats named Capt. Fishipants (a rare MALE calico), Daphne Doolittle, Amelia Peabody. We have 9 nieces/nephews and 10 grandnieces/nephews whom we love. My hobbies are genealogy, reading, digital scrapbooking, history, dogs, homemaking.
Dec 31, 2017 · The slant buttonholers, unlike most which just use the straight stitch and covered feed dogs on sort of a free motion principle, use the machine's zig zag setting. This, plus the fact that there is a built-in feed dog cover you can operate with a little lever, means a quicker set-up and quieter, IMO more efficient, operation.