• In 1953, Christopher formed The School of Natural Healing, and began teaching. In 1979, he began publication of a newsletter about using herbs for healing [2] Christopher created more than 50 herbal formulas, including: Complete Tissue & Bone; Lower Bowel Formula; Blood Stream Formula; Female Reproductive Formula; Super Garlic Immune Formula; Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder; and Hormonal Changease.
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  • Chinese herbal treasures for the modern world. Also known as: Curing Pills, Culing Pills, PO CHAI When to Use Dr. Shen's Stomach Curing: Normal digestive QI moves downward, but at times, digest...
  • In the 1970's, the late Dr. John Christopher created his famous herbal eyewash. This has helped many with serious eye problems. Dr. Christopher encouraged his herbal students to create new and more effective formulas. One such student was master herbalist, Joseph Eli. He created a powerful herbal formula for the eye called See Again!
  • Both Jill Davies and Dr. Schulze were students of Dr. John Christopher and his teachings are truly echoed in this company. Scores of his patients became herbalists. Many of his students practise today. Though he is gone, his words live on. He was prolific in his final years, adding eight works to his original booklet on the "Word of Wisdom".
  • Hi! I’ve been thinking about compiling and editing a Newsletter, that will be about Dr. Schulze’s TOP 10 Herbs/Herbal Combinations. I’m wondering, would you be interested in reading it? If you would, then please post a Message and if there’s some interest generated, I’ll work on getting it finished SOONER! ”THANKS” for your time and interest! Tom/Ps. 103:1-5.
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  • Dr. Christopher created many amazing herbal formulas to help heal the problems people may have, and he also stated that for complete healing Dr. Christopher created the Lower Bowel formula that contains herbs that are laxative, gas relieving, nourishing to correct the movement, and healing.

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The website will also educate you on how safe is the herbal product for you. Conclusion – Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Prostate Plus. Even though the Christopher’s Herb Shop Prostate Plus is researched by scientists and clinically tested, there is always a certain risk involved with the product that is not readily recommended by medical experts.
Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright Formula Extract - 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright Formula Extract is excellent for brightening and healing the eyes, and it is known to remove the cataracts and heavy film from the eyes. A cataract is a cloudiness in the lens of the eye caused by damage to the protein of the lens.

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by Dr. John R. Christopher A comprehensive in-depth study of the main herbs that Dr. Christopher used in his healing practice to heal the body. The knowledge contained in this book is not a new; it’s based on 6000 years of man’s successful use of herbs.
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Prior to his death in 1983, Dr. Christopher received the Agnes Arber Distinguished Service Award for his long-suffering devotion to the cause of herbal practice and his contribution to public health. The following is an excerpt from Herbal Legacy of Courage, written by his son David Christopher BA MH AHG.