• Ming after the update Mandate of Heaven becomes the single superpower at the game start, with no inward perfection (the legendary debuff) and 50% autonomy, it can afford a quite sizeable army and hire 3 +3 advisors!
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  • Sep 9, 2013 - Europa Universalis IV is The Best Genocide Simulator of The Year. A peaceful culture of fishermen, but in EUIV they were aggressive and ferocious. Cultures with the “new world” technology group accrue technology at a. The Overall best tech group is the western one, and as a bonus it gets guaranteed advantage in a few institutions.
  • 3. Military idea. Expansionist Qing-Administrative-45% coring cost reduction; Just take first two ideas and then finish up the idea group later when you have spare admin points; 2. Defensive-Chinese tech units are not the strongest so it helps to have some extra morale. Attrition is terrible in mainland China so defensive helps there as well. 3 ...
  • EU4 World Conquest Idea Groups Guide Case Study - Duration: 32:15. Siu-King** 77,991 views. 32:15. The 5 Worst Oblivion Quests - Duration: 9:44. The Cantina Recommended for you.
  • Jan 22, 2018 · During the war, Qing, Zhou, and Ming can look for new allies. They only can’t pull them into this war. In addition, it is possible for other factions to declare war on these three nations. Also, Zhou picked the espionage, defensive, diplomatic, and offensive idea groups.
  • So I've started a Korea campaign and I'm having trouble deciding what idea groups I want to get. I already have the Exploration idea group for colonization. What idea groups would be a good choice for Korea? Also, I'm expecting to eventually go to war with Ming China, Japan, and Russia (although not necessarily by choice).

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In this list, I go over the top ten idea groups available to all nations in EU4, and rank them based on their overall effectiveness, versatility, and "cheapn...
In this list, I go over the top ten idea groups available to all nations in EU4, and rank them based on their overall effectiveness, versatility, and "cheapn...

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Each nation can have up to 8 idea groups from a pool of 19 groups (only 18 are shown as 2 idea groups are government type exclusive). Idea group choice is only restricted by the requirement for a balanced mix of groups; a new group must not have its affiliated monarch power be the in same category as more than 50% [1] of the total idea group composition the nation holds at the time.
Jul 18, 2014 · does not have an alliance with Ming. is a neighbour of Ming. is in the same religious group as Ming. has less cities than Ming. owns the province Hanoi (613). Acquisition chance: Base weight: 1000; has relations of less than 0 with Dai Viet: ×2; Temporary effects: Conquest of Hanoi - casus belli

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Ming can reasonably compete for the origin of Colonialism. That usually requires Exploration as the first idea group. And that is a reasonable choice for Ming since Ming's initial economic prowess delays the need for a military idea group compared to other smaller nations. The adoption of Colonialism is intrinsically linked to capital move as ...
Which idea groups for Japan? : eu4. Reddit.com I've gone exploration, religious and offensive as oda into Japan (kept oda ideas) I think this is a good setup for attacking China/Korea (I just caused a mingsplosion in the early 1600s) Now I'm going influence and admin for the bobbing.