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  • Warzone is a customizable Risk-like strategy game where you compete with your friends to conquer the world.
  • NICKMERCS and FaZe Swagg claimed this week’s Warzone Wednesday tournament royalty along with the prize money of $20,000. Ninja, JoshOG, and Diegosaurs were the winners of the previous week’s tournament. Collectively, they bagged the $20,000 reward for winning Warzone Wednesdays. Call Of Duty: Warzone Wednesdays Week 4 Results
  • FaZe Clan is a multimillion-dollar gaming organization focused on esports and video content creation. FaZe Clan began as a YouTube channel showcasing "Call of Duty" trick shots, but now it ...
  • Create a community. Effortlessly host multiple tournaments, leagues and events for your loyal members.
  • Apr 01, 2020 · I played Warzone for 6 hours today. I died to hackers/cheaters in 70% of my games. This is truly without a doubt the most hackers I've ever faced in a game in my life.
  • Vikkstar123 teamed up with FaZe Priestahh, FaZe Cellium and FaZe aBeZy in the early hours of Sunday morning, where they had their record-breaking game. Every player got over 30 kills and 10000 damage.
  • Apr 23, 2020 · FaZe Swagg Gave Me The Best MP5 Class And Dropped 25 Kills! by defskin April 23, 2020 ... THIS IS THE BEST GRAU BUILD FOR WARZONE! FT. NINJA & COURAGEJD .

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Check your Warzone stats and ranks for multiplayer, Warzone and more! View our indepth leaderboards for every Warzone stat. Check your friend stats and compare them with yours! Our stats live update as you play so you can keep an eye on how you're doing and look at indepth match stats.
Subliners Warzone Tournament Grand Prize Winner. A trio team consisting of Douglas "DougisRaw" Wolf, Tyler "TeePee" Polchow, and Edy "Newbz" Juan came in the first place, taking the grand prize of $50,000 USD. In second place came Clayster, Frozone, and Neslo for $50,000 USD.

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FaZe SWAGG & KOREANSAVAGE DOMINATE WARZONE! UNSTOPPABLE DUO! (Modern Warfare Warzone) by Swagg 4 months ago 22 minutes 826,982 views. Show more.
Dec 28, 2020 · Professional Call of Duty: Warzone player FaZe Swagg has built a loadout for a weapon that he thinks is better than the popular DMR 14. By Sean Lantz 3 days ago. Share Share Tweet Email. 0.

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Highlight: FaZe Blaze - Warzone w/ @FaZeRug! (164/'200 WINS) English. Mode: Battle Royale. Browse all other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare channels. Browse all other ...
NICKMERCS • Swagg: 2020-08-17: 18: Swagg's Summer Warzone Invitational ⁠ ⁠ SWAG Swagg • NICKMERCS: 2020-08-13: 10: $ 1,500 $ 1,500 $ 1,500: Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown 3 North America ⁠ ⁠ NICK NICKMERCS • Swagg • Biffle: 2020-08-11: 13 - 16: BoomTV TeeP's Trials 2 ⁠ ⁠ NICK NICKMERCS • Swagg: 2020-08-06: 1 ...