• Mar 14, 2019 · Throttle Body Throttle Valve Assembly 3.0L Fits 02-03 VUE 315701 VG Throttle Body Throttle Valve Assembly Fits 05-07 FIVE HUNDRED 313383 VG Throttle Body Throttle Valve Assembly Fits 05-07 FIVE HUNDRED 328863
  • Intermittent/Bypass line monitor SID 801 - Pre/Post heating relay circuit - Short or Open circuit P1460 Wide open throttle A/C cutoff relay circuit P1461 A/C pressure sensor circuit Voltage Low control Primary circuit malfunction EDC15C2-Coolant solenoid valve P1480 Fan secondary low with...
  • The stock throttle body setup has coolant recirculation lines that must serve some type of purpose. gets warm and grows blocking more of the air passage so less air is bypassing the throttle plate and your idle goes down.
  • If the throttle body is not a drive-by-wire system, the accelerator cable and cruise control cable are disconnected and set aside. The bolts retaining the throttle body to the plenum, the gasket, and the throttle body are removed. If the throttle body is being cleaned and tested for re-use, approved chemicals are used in the cleaning process.
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  • Coolant / Temp / Fan Sensors ... Throttle Body Timing Belt / Chain ... Nissan 350Z/370Z + Infiniti G35/G37/EX35. $120.65.
  • Today while installing my throttle body spacer I noticed what appeared to be two coolant lines running to the throttle body. So just like in my 91 Mustang and my 90 Beretta GTZ, I bypassed the lines to keep the throttle body from getting hot from the coolant and heating up the air going into the motor.
  • I plan on cleaning my intake manifold and throttle body when I do a tune-up this weekend. When I use to play with Hondas, all I did was remove the... - Although it is a relatively easy job to remove the throttle body, there are two coolant lines that can be a PITA to remove. Not rocket science but lots...

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After the car is completely warmed up, the hot coolant continues to run through the throttle body warming the air, and that is why we bypass the coolant line through the throttle body. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you live in extremely cold weather, this mod is not recommended. There is a slight chance of the throttle body iceing up.
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I took out my throttle body earlier today and bypassed the coolant line. Why? the next time I take out the throttle body, I don't have to mess with the two coolant hoses that attached to the throttle body. No big deal. Just use about 12″ 1/4″ hose and connect the incoming coolant to the exist line.
The throttle is "Drive By Wire" and adapts and personalizes to your particular driving style. DO NOT REMOVE THE KEY DURING THIS PROCEDURE Here it is; How to do a TBA: Throttle Body Adaptation reset.