• Hi guys, so after installing the Newman PH2 250/400H camshaft my MAP sensor is not sending any signals to the ECU, when checked there is voltage on the cables, but the intake pressure readings are none. I checked using my OBD app and the guys at the dyno also tried to get readings out of a previously working MAP sensor, no luck.
  • The intake temperature sensor can effect fuel economy, as well as the coolant temp sensor. Have the computer scanned to see if either code came back. Check the throttle for carbon buildup for the idle problem, check for a leaking 5.7L Vortec fuel pressure regulator.
  • Jan 06, 2011 · hi i am trying to locate the map sensor on my 1990 ford ranger 2.9. i think my computer is throwing a code 22 so just trying to fix that and also does location of map sensor 1990 - Ford Ranger Forum Ford Ranger Forum - Forums for Ford Ranger enthusiasts! > Engine Tech Forum > 6-Cylinder Tech > 2.9 Liter Tech
  • here are the meanings of the following codes, po171-system too lean(bank 1) po174-system too lean (bank 2). ok the fix could be the following, maf sensor may need to be cleaned. you can go to any...
  • Easiest to start at the MAP sensor and follow the hose back. If it's not connected then look for the nipple, which will be on the elbow into the inlet manifold just downstream of the throttle body. The MAP sensor is mounted on the firewall, LHS of the ngine bay. Green plug with three electrical pins in it.
  • Possible MAP sensor, and that this may actually be the cause of the other 2 codes, as well (i.e. fixing this one might fix all 3)? This has the highest cost for the part, at approx. $339.' Any help, and location description/picture of MAP sensor location, would be GREATLY appreciated!
  • Reading and understanding the code information, as well as the Snap-On Troubleshooter, were key in repairing this fault. I also demonstrate how to safely clean an electronic throttle body, a very common feature on modern vehicles of all makes. This false MAP sensor trouble code caused by a dirty throttle body in not unique to the Trailblazer.
  • Alibaba.com offers 2,633 sensor map products. Map Sensor OEM Manifold Absolute Tubro Pressure MAP Presure Sensor 89421-71010 079800-7460 For LAND CRUISER LEXUS.

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My 97 caravan with a 3.8 stalls on the highway and in town randomly at first now all the time cant even get out of the driveway backfires and stalls as soon as the gas pedal is pushed. the only code Im getting is po 0171 bank 1 too lean. o2 sensor was coming up before with the po 0171and. po 0137so.
they will miss fire with a bad map sensor on them but you first need to have the computer scanned to see what trouble codes it will give you,other wise you may start buying parts for it that it doesn't really need,if you buy a scanner you will be able to get the codes the same as any one else would be able to and the find out what they mean,that might save you from spending a lot of money on ...

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I took my car to a local mechanic and the mechanic was able to determine the cause of the problem (and, yes, they did have the more advanced scan tool that was able to read live data from the MAP sensor). It turns out my MAP sensor was bad. The MAP sensor voltage reading of key-on-engine-off condition does not change after starting the engine ...
Oct 03, 2020 · P0171 is triggered when the front O2 sensors detect a lean mixture. It can be a short-term lean mixture as well as a long-term lean mixture. If it is a short-term lean mixture, the fuel mixture is often very lean. If it is a long-term lean mixture, it can register the code based on a small indication of a lean mixture over time.

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Sep 10, 2009 · If the MAP sensor does not respond to throttle changes, check the 3X circuits from the ignition control module to the PCM. If the 3X signal is lost the PCM will only update the MAP sensor reading once per key cycle, when the engine is first started. Depending on where the MAP sensor voltage (high voltage or low voltage) is when the engine is ...
Hi,i have a po171 code that dont whant to go away.my paseo is a 1996 automatic with 5efe engine with MAP sensor not the MAF one.I have done a 45kph, rpm: 2023, Ect: 172 F, All test came back ok except for catalyst that says incomplete.I have check the o2 sensors and the upstream one seems to...