• Oct 07, 2017 · Maybe tapped to thread onto the muzzle? But would there be enough threads left to grab the can? I was sure Sig would've addressed this with their cans, but apparently not. In this thread, goloud said that Q confirmed to him that the taper was the same as the sig taper. Here is the thread spec for the 5/8-24 thread:
  • 1/2-28 to 5/8-24 Thread Adapter $ 29.99; Scorpion Thread Adapter $ 69.99; Taper Washer – Fits Sig MPX / Sig MCX – 1/2″ Tapered Barrels $ 19.95
  • 15/12/2020 · Shop, Parts for MPX, Parts for Evo Scorpion, 3-Lug Adapters & Muzzle Devices, Mac 10 Mac 11 Barrels HK “NAVY” Style 3-Lug Suppressor adapter w 1/2-28 muzzle Newer griffin tri lug mounts may not work with this tri lug assembly.
  • Now you can mount any 5/8″-24 end-of-barrel accessory on your Remington 700 rifle—including muzzle brakes, flash suppressors, compensators, sound suppressors, or fake flash hiders and suppressors—with this high-quality barrel thread adapter.
  • Get the best deal on SRD .338 Taper-Lok M18x1.5 Suppressor Accessories at GrabAGun.com. Order the Sig Sauer SRD .338 Taper-Lok M18x1.5 Black online and save. Flat rate shipping on all guns and ammo with the best prices around!
  • The SIG MCX is a weapon series designed and manufactured by SIG Sauer, featuring a short-stroke gas piston system, carried over from the SIG MPX submachine gun. It is made in both semi-automatic and selective fire configurations. It is available in rifle, short-barreled rifle, and pistol configurations.4 Built at SIG's New Hampshire factory, the MCX was "engineered from the ground up to be ...
  • Sig Talk, I have just gotten my silencer in hand. Installed the muzzle brake base, installed the muzzle brake and timed it. Following the user manual, I am now trying to attach the silencer to the taper mount system. The problem I have, the”tube” will not clear the taper ring itself. So...
  • Sig Sauer Tapered Barrel Muzzle Adapter, 90 Degree Shoulder, 7.62mm. Manufactured from black coated steel, this Sig Sauer tapered muzzle adapter cap is for Sig Sauer rifles chambered in .308 Win, 7.62x51mm and .300 Blackout. Models include the Sig Sauer MCX and 716. This cap has a thread pitch of 5/8" x 24 TPI and is perfect for customizing your favorite rifle with an AAC, YHM or other muzzle ...

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SIG SAUER's John Hollister demonstrates the compatibility of SIG Silencers with traditional rifle barrel shoulders.
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That adapter idea needs to happen, and sooner rather than later. The way the suppressor mount sits on a square shouldered, threaded barrel sucks…and what's worse is Sig customer service is okay with it. Mine screws on only 2 threads on 2 different rifles. They recommended torquing it to spec and rolling with it.
-Angle of rear trunnion built in, adds.54″ to length. -Can be used with 1913 interface stocks, folding mechanisms, pistol braces, for example, Sig MPC/MPX stocks, SB Tactical FS1913 pistol brace. -The adapter is installed by drilling a single hole and bolting this adapter in.