• Jan 27, 2020 · CPU Question: Do You Really Need a Core i9 9900K or a Ryzen 3900X? It depends on your needs. But make sure you have an SSD--that is key. Read what one expert with over 20 years experience thinks.
  • - CPU Core Voltage - Manual Mode - 1.2500V (offset mode if you want to get into more fine tuning) - CPU SOC Voltage - Manual Mode - VDDSOC 1.1000V - DRAM Voltage - 1.3500V - 1.8V PLL Voltage - 1.8000V - 1.05V SB Voltage - 1.0500V
  • Oct 11, 2019 · SoC voltage, VDDP voltage & more. ... We used a Corsair H150i Pro, but you can also use the stock cooler that comes with the 3900X, which is the Wraith Prism, and it's better than most other ...
  • I checked the SOC voltage using HWinfo. It is actually at 1.087 - 1.094. 2 Likes. sanfordvdev August 8, 2018, 4:20pm #19. I am not sure which setting to use in your ...
  • As you can see in this table, 1650MHz was held with an input number of 1.1V SOC and 1.18125V GFX, resulting in a 1.28V SOC voltage as measured at the socket, but 1.1V via HWINFO.
  • SOC voltage - system on a chip voltage; responsible for the voltage related to the memory controller. Limit: up to 1.2 V. DRAM boot voltage - voltage at which memory training takes place at system start-up. Limit: up to 1.45–1.50 V. VDDP voltage - voltage for the transistor that sets memory contents. Limit: up to 1.1 V.
  • OC SOC Voltage 3900x Help (CPU) So i was changing voltages to turn down the core voltage for temperature reasons and i accidentally OC-d the SOC to 1.4V and had it blue screen before i fixed it.
  • 5) Make sure "Voltage Contols" is expanded Unless otherwise stated, leave the values on "Auto" a) MEM VDDIO should be set to 1.35 b) MEM VTT should be set to 0.675 c) VDDCR SOC should be set to 1.05 6) Make sure "DRAM Timing Configuration" is expanded

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All the load-line calibration settings and increasing the SoC voltage didn't help either. A word of warning, the UEFI BIOS of the MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE warned that PCI-Express 4.0 signaling would be dropped and negotiated to PCIe Gen 3.0 speeds if the SoC voltage went past its default 1.1v value.
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Ryzen 9 3900X; Motherboards. ROG Crosshair VI Hero (X370) BIOS 7106 AGESA; ROG Crosshair VII Hero (X470) BIOS 2406; ROG Crosshair VIII Formula (X570) BIOS 7702; Memory kits. Gskill F4-3200C14D-16GTR (2x8GB Samsung B Single-Rank) Settings. CPU: Default in RamTest, 4.0G 1.25V in AIDA64 tests; SOC Voltage: 1.25V

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Enabled the SOC Uncore OC option (as I'd read this was a pre-requisite to change the SOC Voltage). SOC Voltage is 1200 by default, attempted to amend to 1250 (as another detailed post has mentioned success with this)... Nothing. It doesn't take like the above VDDG, just set at 1200 when I save and return to BIOS. Tried a bunch of other minor ...
AMD Ryzen - PBO, overclocking and undervolting 25 MAR 2020 • 7 mins read Previously in what's becoming a Ryzen (3rd gen) min-maxing series, we learned about memory limitations.This time around I'd like to introduce you to three different things that you can do with the clock and voltage.