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  • a) 35 b) 40 c) 50 d) 60 Example #6 Color Number of Pulls Purple 100 White 200 Blue 150 Pink 50 Students spin the pointer on a spinner 500 times. The table shows the results of their experiment. Based on these results, which is a reasonable prediction for the number of times the pointer will land on blue in 100 spins? a) about 15 b) about 25
  • Jenny randomly pulls a tile out of the bag, records the color, and replaces the tile in the bag. She does this 50 times. The results are recorded in the given table: Color of Tile Purple Pink Orange Number of times the tile is drawn 6 18 26 What is the experimental probability that Jenny will pull out a purple tile?
  • The table shows the result of an experiment when the spinner was spun 76 times: Result of Spin Black White Number of Spins 19 57 Based on the data, which of the following best describes the experimental probability of the arrow landing on a black or white section of the spinner? The spinner is 3 times more likely to land on white.
  • USE THE EVENT, EXPERIMENT, AND SA MPLE SPACE} GIVEN Some process that with well-defined A result from a single trial of the experiment A collection of one or more LN_ltcomes 4 A On Of I Of the Of an Exercise #1: An experiment is run whereby a spinner is Spun around a circle with 5 equal sectors that have been marked off as shown.
  • 4.The more times an experimental probability activity is done, the closer its results will be to the predicted theoretical probability results. Gather results from the other groups that performed the spinner experiment, and record their results in the table below.
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  • When the actual experiment is conducted, the result may vary. We may get head 0 times or 1 time or 2 times or 3 times .....up to 10 times. In the actual experiment of tossing a coin 10 times, say, we get head 3 times. Then the probability of getting head is 3/10. This is called experimental probability. Because, here we find the probability ...

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Number of total times we will flip this coin: 200 Number of consecutive runs of heads we are looking for: 5 Number of times out of the total games played we saw our specified event occur: 4,829,647 Percentage: .9659294 I ran this simulation several times, and each time the results were different, but not enough to change the percentage.
Data, Surveys, Probability and Statistics at Math is Fun

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I´m not sure if the approach would be to destroy the second spinner each time a new value is chosen from the first one, then regenerate it (if so I have no idea how to do that because of the kv code), or if there would be a way to dynamically update the "values" of the second spinner based on an on_text procedure updating the list.
Table 6 says that 4 percent of the study participants had “two or more high risk conditions” and that 25 percent were over 65 years of age, but here in Maskachusetts before the state pulled the age-related data, the median age of a “COVID-19 death” was 82 and more than 98 percent of those had an “underlying condition.”

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The definitions were changed 5 times from the initial state: the last column in Table 2 provides the times each mode was in use. Table 1: Prelaunch Discovery Scalars. Window MED Energy (keV) HED Energy (keV) 1A 1.5 - 6 2.0 - 6 1B 6.0 - 8 6.0 - 8 1C 8.0 - 10 8.0 - 32 1D 10. - 20 32. - 60 2A 2.0 - 3.9 9.0 - 32 2B 3.9 - 20 32. - 60 Table 2 ...
3. The two-way frequency table below shows the proportions of a population that have given hair color and eye color combinations. Use this table to answer the following. (a) Show that the events of having green eyes and hair are dependent. Blue Brown Tota I Black 0.17 0.07 0.45 Hair Color Blond 0.21 0.03 0.37 Red 0.02 0.01 0.15 0.18 Tota I o ...